Device Protection Plan

  • There is no cost associated with 1:1 Technology Program.  Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to purchase a protection plan through the district.  The plan will cost $30 per device each school year, which includes repairs, and limits the fee for replacement.  Parents/ Guardians who choose not to purchase the Device Protection Plan are 100% responsible for all repair and replacement costs.   

    It is recommended that parents purchase the Device Protection Plan to minimize any costs that may arise during the school year. Payment can be made through the Bookstore or online Instructions to pay online through InTouch

Important Dates for 2023-24 School Year

    • Payments will be accepted beginning July 1st.
    • The deadline to signup for the protection plan is Friday, September 8th.

    Students who enroll after September 9 will have 2 weeks to pay for and activate the Device Protection Plan; payment can be made through the Bookstore.

What is Covered

    • Accidental damage
    • Replacement chargers that were lost or stolen.
    • Reduced replacement cost for lost or stolen device.

What Is Not Covered

    • Intentional damage
    • Failure to return the device and power cord upon withdrawal or at the request of the school
    • Damage from components not provided by the District.  Replacement components, including the device and power cord, must be purchased by the District.  Any component purchased from an outside source will not be accepted as a replacement and damage caused by these components will not be covered.

Cost/Fees for School Device Repair and Replacement


    Cost with Device Protection Plan

    Cost Without Device Protection Plan

    Lost or Stolen Device/ Device damaged beyond repair, reuse/not economical to repair



    Lost/Stolen/Damaged Charger



    2 or less parts damaged

    Cost is covered by Device Protection Plan


    3 or more parts damaged


Additional Information

    • All repairs must be made by an Agua Fria Union High School District certified technician.
    • An email will be sent to the student, and parent if an email address is available, notifying them of any costs.
    • The Device Protection Plan becomes void if repair and replacement costs are deemed excessive.
    • Warranty of the school device will be voided if device is damaged.