Leadership Cadre

What is the Leadership Cadre?

  • The AFUHSD Leadership Cadre recruits and prepares employees for school and District leadership positions. It enables the District to tap into our own pool of talent and create a culture within the organization of “growing our own” leaders.

    Gain Knowledge and Skills in:

    • Career pathways
    • Leadership skills
    • District Opportunities/Requirements
    • Job Responsibilities/insight
    • Collaborative, inclusive environments
    • Communication
    • Interviewing/hiring Processes

    Program Highlights

    • Real “hands-on” experiences
    • Guest speakers
    • Networking
    • Mock Interviews
    • Career Advancement
    • Multi-tiered approach to accommodate all levels of leadership

Leadership Cadre Qualifications and Expectations:

  • Program Qualifications:

    • 2 years minimum in the district
    • Must be in good standing (no discipline or letters of direction issued in 2022, 2023 or 2024)
    • Certified Staff also needs recent/current experience as a site/district leader, specialist, TOSA, admin intern, or active committee member (i.e. Advisory, SBG, PD, etc.)

    Cadre Expectations:

    • Attend 6 sessions (after school hours)
      • August 28th (Virtual)
        September 25th
        November 20th
        January 29th
        February 26th
        April 23rd
    • Commit to one District leadership event/activity each month
    • Complete session activities as assigned

    Session topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Topics include, but are not limited to:

      • Determining whether leadership is a good fit for you.
      • Knowing when you are ready to apply, and which leadership roles may best align with your strengths and interests.
      • Strengthening your own leadership and overall readiness as you prepare for a job search and a strong, successful first year.
      • Importance of interconnectedness between roles, as well as their unique influences on achieving equitable outcomes for students.
      • Important things to consider before you begin looking and applying for positions.
      • Tips for successfully transitioning to a leadership role within your own District.
      • Your first position: What to expect, keeping up with the workload, and how to ensure you are a positive, contributing member of your team.

    For questions or additional information, email hr@aguafria.org

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