Intro to Summer School Programs

  • The Summer Programs 2024 application is now closed. 

    The Summer School Programs are designed to meet a wide array of student needs, including credit recovery for failed courses and a few opportunities for original credit for students to get ahead or make room in next year's schedule.  Whether you're looking to catch up,  or get ahead, our programs provide a options to achieve your goals.

  • Credit Recovery Program

    Students may take advantage of Summer Program's second chances through the Credit Recovery Program to earn credits in courses they did not pass during the regular school year. This program is an essential bridge for students aiming to get back on track for graduation, providing both online and in-person options to accommodate different learning styles and schedules. 

    Online credit recovery courses allow students to recover credits by semester.  In person credit recovery courses are all for 1 credit.  

    Learn More - In Person Credit Recovery or Online Credit Recovery

  • Intro to Computer Science (Priority access for both incoming Freshmen and current Freshmen) 

    computer science

    The future is digital, and our Introduction to Computer Science program aims to equip students with the foundational skills necessary to navigate and succeed in this evolving landscape. This hands-on course introduces basic concepts of computer science and programming, covering topics such as algorithms, coding in various languages, and digital project development. Students will engage in practical exercises and collaborative projects that foster problem-solving skills, creativity, and a deeper understanding of how technology shapes our world. No prior experience is necessary, making this program an excellent starting point for any student interested in the field of technology. Learn More

    Intro to Computer Science has filled for summer '24.

  • Summer Spanish I

    Embrace the vibrant world of Spanish language and culture in our Summer Spanish Program. Designed for students who have never taken Spanish I.  This intense summer course meets the same standards as the full year Spanish I course. Learn More

Important Dates

  • Application Closes at 8:00am on May 24, 2024.

    Filled In Person Programs as of May 23, 2024:  Intro to Computer Science, Algebra I (Credit Recovery), Geometry (Credit Recovery) & Spanish (Original Credit). 

    Summer Programs run from June 3, 2024 through June 27, 2024.

    (Online Credit Recovery starts on May 28th.)

    Application opens on March 19, 2024.

    Credit Recovery Application Dates (For students who have failed a course)

    March 19 - Seniors and Juniors will have access to the application.

    March 26 - Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores will have access to the application.

    April 2 - All students will have access to the application.

    Original Credit applications all open on March 19, 2024.

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