• RTI (Response to Intervention)

    Response to Intervention might have different names at each school (Owl Opportunity, Tiger Pride, Jaguar Success, Viper Connect, and Edge Extension) but they all have one thing in common--a built-in time during the school week to give students opportunities to receive additional support, get extended enrichment where they are already succeeding, or to have that small group reteach to ensure learning.

How it makes an impact on students

  • Students have the opportunity to get additional teaching support, make-up missed assignments, get tutored, or, receive enrichment in a session of their choosing. It not only allows student choice but provides multiple ways for students to better their learning of content.

What it looks like in our district

  • Three days a week, students have 40 minutes to get extra help in a course.

    It could look a variety of ways: 

    1. A teacher pulls them for extra help on a standard
    2. A student signs up for an enrichment session of their choice
    3. A student attends a club meeting
    4. A student is pulled for a grade level meeting
    5. Small group reteach
    6. Whole class reteach

    There are a variety of ways in which we use our built-in RTI time but the common goal is to provide students an opportunity to better their learning.

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