Homeless Education Program (McKinney-Vento)

  • If you are a family in transition or homeless or an unaccompanied youth not in the physical custody of a parent/guardian, you may have rights under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act At any given moment families may experience a situation that disrupts their housing situation.  If you have lost your housing due to a family crisis, unemployment, an eviction or financial issues then you may be eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Act. The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal law which protects student’s rights experiencing homelessness or loss of adequate housing. You may be eligible for services if you are:

    • Temporarily sharing housing with another family due to loss of housing or financial hardship.
    • In a motel or hotel due to a lack of adequate accommodations.
    • In a car, park, campground, public space, abandoned building or substandard housing.
    • In an emergency or transitional shelter.

    If you feel that you may be eligible under the McKinney-Vento Act, please complete the McKinney-Vento packet.  The packet can be obtained at any one of the Agua Fria High School Union District Guidance Offices, the District Office or via the forms tab on this page. Once completed you may return to your school guidance office or to the District Office. McKinney Vento eligibility is determined solely by the District Homeless Education Liaison on a case by case basis.  The AFUHSD will ensure that every McKinney-Vento eligible student has access to the same educational services and opportunities as students who are not homeless or in transition.

    McKinney-Vento eligible students may qualify for:

    • Reduced/Free school meals
    • Fee waivers
    • Transportation services
    • Credit recovery and academic assistance
    • School supplies, if funding allows
    • Personal supplies, if funding allows
    • Community resources or referrals

    Dispute Resolution Process
    If you are determined ineligible for any McKinney-Vento service and you disagree with the decision of the District Homeless Education Liaison, you may appeal the decision and file your appeal with the Arizona Department of Education.  The District Homeless Education Liaison will provide you information on the appeal process in writing and can assist you with this process, by request. The Arizona Department of Education will make a decision and the decision will be final.  

Contact Information

  • Dr. Elda Luna-Najera, DSW, LMSW
    Coordinator of Student Services
    (623) 932-7013

    Dr. Shelle Schlosser
    Federal Programs & Community Outreach Director
    (623) 932-7029 

    Verenis Saldana
    Federal Programs Specialist
    (623) 932-9293

    Rita Rodriguez
    State Homeless Education Program Coordinator
    (602) 542-4963

    National Center for Homeless Education

    Arizona Shelter Hotline
    (602) 263-8900 or 1-800-799-7739

    Agua Fria Counseling Office
    (623) 932-7300 ext. 1040 or 1041

    Canyon View Counseling Office
    (623) 932-7600

    Desert Edge Counseling Office
    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3000 or 3013

    Millennium Counseling Office
    (623) 932-7200 ext. 2029 or 2008

    Verrado Counseling Office
    (623) 932-7400 ext. 4009 or 4027