Senior Information

  • Class of 2020

    Interested in Making a Graduation Speech?

    Applications can be picked up in the front office and are due to Mrs. Meyers in the Principal's Office by 2:45 pm on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  Auditions will take place on April 2nd and 3rd.


    Senior Graduation Speech Guidelines

    What are the graduation speeches about?

    • The first speech looks back in time to the past four years with the memories of high school, lessons learned, and appreciation for people at Millennium.
    • The second speech looks forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead as the class leaves Millennium High School and pursues goals and dreams.


    What are the guidelines for the speeches?

    • Speeches should be 3 to 5 minutes in length when spoken.
    • Speeches should be positive and ceremonial in nature.
    • Speeches should pertain to the entire graduating class, not just individuals.
    • Speeches should use formal language appropriate to a momentous occasion.
    • Speeches should be school appropriate, remembering that families are in attendance at the ceremony.


    Who is eligible to submit a speech for possible audition?

    • Any current graduating senior is eligible to submit a speech.
    • Each graduating senior may submit only one speech per category.


    What is the process?

    • Students who wish to give a speech at graduation need to submit a typed, double spaced copy of the speech to Mrs. Meyers in the Principal’s Office no later than 2:45 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25th.   Each speech needs this form attached with the Senior’s name and the category of the speech.  
    • An initial screening for inappropriate content will be done at the office. The speeches will then be reviewed for content and rated.
    • The students who write the top speeches in each category will be invited to audition before a faculty panel on April 2nd  and 3rd.  The panel will consist of Millennium faculty.  This panel will recommend to the principal two candidates for the ceremony’s speeches.  


    Jostens Cap & Gown Ordering

    Seniors were given Jostens packets in December.  Extra packets are available in the bookstore.  To see upcoming Jostens events, click HERE.


    • Orders made early enough will arrive on campus for distribution on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020.


    • The cap & gown only package can be found at the bottom of the order form.  It is the minimum needed for your child to walk in May.  The other items are optional.


     Cap & Gown Alternative  

    There are three ways to order:

    21023 N Cave Creek Rd, Ste #1

    Phoenix, AZ 85024

    • Online - items can also be purchased through Jostens online on their Millennium HS page


    • By Phone - 1-800-JOSTENS (567-8367) or 602-765-7227 or 602-765-7337



    Students will be able to order Cap, Gown and Tassel ONLINE at, or by PHONE at 1-800-567-8367 until APRIL 15th 2020.

    After that date, any student who has not yet ordered will need to go into Jostens local office at (21023 North Cave Creek Road, Suite 1  Phoenix, AZ 85024)  to buy a cap, gown and tassel.  They will receive those items right there at that time.  Student can come to our office Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 5:00pm.


    Questions? Email...


     *Please Note - The bookstore is not able to take any money for Jostens Orders.