• Tiger Advisors are here to help your Millennium High School student to feel connected with their school. Whether they are a new or returning student, we want every student at Millennium High School to feel safe, welcomed, and motivated to meet the daily challenges of school, sports, clubs and life. We help students connect with other students, their teachers, coaches, administrators, and counselors, and provide a safespace on campus for students to help reduce some of the common struggles of a teenager. Our goal is to Enrich, Encourage and Empower students.


    We are located in the L building, room 704. If you would like for Tiger Advisors to connect with your student, please feel free to reach out to lrobles@aguafria.org or lharrelson@aguafria.org or 623.932.7200 ext. 2205. 


    Parent/Student Connection Form: 

    If you would like for the Tiger Advisor to connect with your student, please complete this form: https://forms.gle/TQKZbWVqzZ7W9bi29