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    3 Areas for Drop-Off and Pick-Up Students

    Drop off and pick up zones at Millennium

    To help alleviate traffic, we provide three different areas for drop-off and pick-up students. These areas include:
    • Park Avenue/Gym - This is the best area and the most underutilized.
    • The front of the school has two lanes for drop off - This is a right turn only when exiting.
    • The student parking lot -  This is a right turn only when exiting.


    • Drop off early. Traffic will be backed up beginning at 7:00 a.m.
    • Be patient, there will be traffic until everyone learns the flow.
    • Obey the right turns only.

    Student Safety

    • We ask that you do not drop your child off in the middle of the street.
    • We ask that you speak to your child about using the cross walk if they walk to school.
    • Do not use the bus drop-off as a student drop-off.
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    Student Parking

    • Parking passes are required for all junior and senior students who intend to park on campus. Parking passes can be requested through student email accounts on the following Google Form
    • As a reminder to our students, please do not park in the Sugar and Spice parking lot, Estrella Estates or nearby neighborhoods. You may be towed and neighborhoods have taken steps to place no parking signs.