• Chromebooks do need to be fully shut down often. Opening and closing the lid does not
    actually shut it down. To shut down your device, click the bottom right on your toolbar
    and tell it to Shut Down. 
    Chromebooks need to be charged nightly. The library does not loan chargers or Laptops.
    We also encourage you to leave your charger at home as it is the first thing that is lost,
    swapped, or stolen.
    Please shut down your school device weekly. Updates will not occur if you only close your device (hibernating).
    Once a week (1) LOG OFF and (2) select SHUT DOWN on the bottom left side of the screen.


  • Chromebooks attach to the Chromebook Wifi while on campus. The following image is what the settings need to look like in order to connect. Logging into Wifi

    If you've ensured your Chromebook Wifi settings are correct, you may have attached to Agua Fria Guest. You will have to "Disconnect" and/or "Forget" this network in order for Chromebook to finish connecting.

    Google Chrome should update automatically, but if your Chromebook is off for any length of time (summer, fall break, etc.), you will need to check manually. Update Google Chrome

    Slow Device: Update Chrome 

    Blocked from appropriate sites: Clear Cache

    Split Screen Feature       

    Internet at home options     

    School Device User Agreement