• Ms. Diamond 


    Diamond Lozano-Gomez, LMSW

    Contact Information:

    Book Appointment: https://www.picktime.com/JAGUARsocialworker

    Telephone: 623-932-7600 ext 5052

    Email: dlozanogomez@aguafria.org

    If this is a mental health emergency, please contact one of the following:

    Maricopa County Crisis Response Line: 602-222-9444
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)
    AZ Teen Lifeline: 602-248-TEEN (8336)

    School Social Work Services:

    - Provide emergency or crisis intervention.
    - Identify and report child abuse or neglect. Assist staff in reporting if
    - Provide direct/indirect services to students, parents, staff & community.
    - Assess students with mental health concerns.
    - Provide direct support to staff regarding student mental health.
    - Identify homeless students & connect them to available services.
    - Provide on-going support for foster care students & coordinate with
    appropriate supports.
    - Conduct home visits when appropriate to assess student safety.
    - Develop intervention strategies to increase academic success.
    - Assist parents in accessing & utilizing school and community resources.
    - Obtain & coordinate community resources to meet students’ needs.
    - Assist school district to receive adequate support from social and mental
    health agencies (collaborate with Touchstone BH on campus)
    - Refer students & parents to outside agencies, as needed or requested.
    - Provide case management for students & families requiring multiple
    - Participate or consult in special education assessment meetings &
    behavioral health meetings as requested (IEP, 504, TAT, CFT).
    - Participate in threat management team.

    Tips for parents of high school students:

    - Be aware of any shifts in mood, eating patterns, academic
    performance, peer groups, and body presentation.
    - Regularly communicate your love and support, and
    encourage your child to discuss with you anything that might
    be troubling them.
    - Encourage your child to create a vision board that outlines
    his/her goals, aspirations, dreams, and plans.
    - Encourage them to develop organizational tools for school
    work and for vision board goals.
    - Encourage your child to develop positive relationships with
    peers outside of their core peer group.
    - Maintain open communication and dialogue free of bias and
    judgment with your child about current events. Gauge their
    understanding and perception of the plight of others.
    - Explore with your child their use of social media. Discuss the
    advantages and disadvantages of an active social media
    presence as an adolescent.
    - Encourage your child to become involved in school clubs,
    organizations, athletic teams, and community service
    - Clearly define your expectations of academic engagement
    and performance throughout the school year. Help your child
    to understand and follow school rules and policies.
    - Communicate regularly with your child’s teachers. Be an
    active partner with the school community.
    - Teach your child to assemble their “village” of people who
    support and encourage their success. These individuals may
    be peers, family members, neighbors, church members, and
    past or current teachers.