What Is Advanced Placement?

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    The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program is a program that offers college-level courses in a wide variety of subjects available to students in high school. The AP Program offers challenging, rigorous coursework and an opportunity to dig deeper into core academic subjects. Students that enroll in AP courses, have an opportunity to take the AP exam for potential college-level credit*.

    *Credit requirements vary per post-secondary institution.

    AP Course Difficulty

    AP courses are typically more demanding than regular high school classes. Most AP courses are similar to first-year college courses. Although challenging, there are a variety of resources and support that will aid in student success.

    Benefits of Taking an AP Course

    The extra effort put into an AP course is definitely worth it. The benefits to consider are:

    • AP courses offer the opportunity to study a subject in-depth at the college level. Offering better preparedness for the college workload.
    • Students that receive a high enough score on an AP Exam, may be eligible for college credit, advanced placement or both at most colleges in the United States.
    • The AP Program offers a number of AP Scholar Awards to students for outstanding performance on AP Exams. Colleges will recognize this achievement for students that qualify.

    AP Exams

    Students have an opportunity to take the AP Exam in a subject of their choice. Students are not required to enroll in the corresponding course. However, it is highly recommended. AP Exams are administered in May. The exams are comprised of a combination of multiple-choice and free-response questions. The exams are typically 2-3 hours in duration and scored on a scale of 1 to 5.

    There is a fee to take the AP Exam. Eligible students may request assistance by contacting their school counselor or a member of our administration.