• Joining the military, like attending college or a trade school, is an opportunity to enhance your future. Whether you enlist or receive a commission, there is a lot to gain. As a veteran, I will tell you that the  military is not for everyone. It was for me. I learned a valuable skill, met wonderful people, traveled across the United States and parts of Europe. This experience is a part of  who I am. 


    What are the requirements to enlist in the military? 

    • Depending on the military branch, age 17 - 35
    • Take and understand your ASVAB scores
    • Have a high school diploma or GED
    • Pass the medical and fitness exam


    What are the requirements to become a commissioned officer?

    There are four pathways to becoming a commissioned officer. Please click on this link for the description of each pathway.   


    To learn more about each branch and who to contact, click on the links below.

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