General info on Paying for Higher Education

When it comes to paying for higher education (community college, university or certain trade schools), it can get expensive. There are two ways to receive money that you do not pay back. They are: Grants & Scholarships

Federal Pell Grants & Scholarships.

To receive a federal pell grant, you must complete the FAFSA application. Click on the link to the left titled "FAFSA Application & Information". 

There are literally thousands of scholarships available to pay for college, university or trade school. 

There is work involved when it comes to applying for a scholarship. The student will be required to complete an application and submit an essay. There are scholarships that will also ask for a copy of the students' official transcript, resume, and possibly a letter of recommendation. Don't let this stand in your way!!! There are thousands of local, state and national dollars available to obtain a higher education!