• What is a job shadow?

    A job shadow is one way to learn more about a career you are interested in.  It is a learning experience that takes place at a business or organization in your community. It usually lasts from 3 to 6 hours.  Job shadowing lets you discover up close the world of work.  You’ll get to take a tour of a workplace in your community and see different kinds of careers in action.  As you observe, you can ask all of the questions you would like.  A job shadow allows you to experience the environment of the job and learn what education and skills are required.

    Why is a job shadow important?

    A job shadow gives you a chance to:

    • Begin to identify career interests
    • Observe the daily routine of workers
    • Learn about the academic, technical, and personal skills required by particular jobs
    • Practice communication skills by interacting with workers
    • Establish networking skills as a tool for the future
    • Realize that different jobs are characterized by different work cultures and working environments
    • Navigate the community by traveling to and from the job shadow location
    • Realize the rewards that come from initiative and preparedness
    • Understand the connection between school, work, and your goals for the future

    How do you make job shadows happen?

    Once you have decided to complete a job shadow, you can research companies that may employee individuals in the respective career.  Need help exploring potential Job Shadow sites?  Talk with VHS’s College & Career Specialist and/or your School Counselor to brainstorm potential companies.   Be sure to include your parents/guardians in this process.
    Attached are some documents that may help you plan a job shadow.