• Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP)


    In 2008, the Arizona State Board of Education approved Education and Career Action Plans (ECAP) for all Arizona students, grades 9-12.  It reflects a plan of coursework, career aspirations, and extended learning opportunities.  Its purpose is for students to gain knowledge regarding postsecondary options, to develop academic and career goals, and to prepare so that they smoothly transition into life after high school.



    The AZ Department of Education envisions the ECAP as a “launch pad”, not a “finish line”. The ECAP is both a documented plan and a process that students use with support from school counselors, teachers and parents to clarify their career goals and to narrow their initial plans after graduation.  An ECAP should help guide students’ decisions about the courses and activities they choose throughout high school.

    ECAP:  Plan/Portfolio

    Our students will have access to the Major Clarity program to build their portfolio.  This college and career readiness program offers exploration tools and information on:

    • occupations,
    • programs of study,
    • specific college/university information,
    • financial aid,
    • resume' writing,
    • and more!  

    Students are also encouraged to spend time outside of school exploring the vast amount of information available on Major Clarity.  


    ECAP:  Extended Learning Opportunities

    The School Counselors and College & Career Specialist provide many extended learning opportunities to assist students with their ECAP.  A few of the opportunities are:

    • College & Career Night
    • College Application Marathon
    • FAFSA Completion Night
    • Field trips to colleges (i.e., EMCC)
    • On-campus visits from post-secondary representatives (i.e., colleges, military)
    • Counseling & Career Center website
    • and more!