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    Where to begin your scholarship search?
    The majority of scholarships that our students earn are awarded directly from the colleges and universities.  These awards are usually based on grades, athletics, class rank, or even how soon you applied.  In addition, there are thousands of private scholarships.  Eligibility criteria for these scholarships vary from grade level, banking institutions, medical condition, military affiliation, and much more.

    Applying for scholarships
    Different scholarships will have their own set of criteria as well as their own application requirements. Consider the following as you start your scholarship investigation: 
    • You may be required to write an essay, pass a written exam, or complete a project demonstrating your potential. 
    • Get organized!  You need to gather information you will need to complete applications (i.e., transcripts, test scores, etc) AND keep track of what applications you have submitted.  If you have not already created a professional email address, this is the time to do it!  Check weekly and delete any emails not needed/relevant.  
    • Check your social media presence!  Some colleges, scholarship organizations, and employers do look at your profiles and/or posts.
    • Programs may specify how scholarship funds must be used, set time restrictions for disbursing the funds, or set a ceiling on qualifying family income. 
    • Scholarship funds may be paid directly to the college. 
    • Failure to meet certain requirements could jeopardize your ability to keep the scholarship. 
    • Be mindful of deadlines.
    Search Tips
    • There are many free, credible scholarship search sites.  Be wary of scholarship search sites/companies that charge a fee.  
    • Contact your high school College & Career Center to learn about local and regional private scholarship sources.  These are often handled through high schools, local organizations and foundations, and generally will not appear in any national database.
    • Check with you or your parents' employers, since many companies establish scholarships to aid the employees and/or their dependents.
    • Contact the financial aid office at the college where you are applying to find out if they have need and non-need based scholarships for academic merit, special talents or athletic skills.

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