• While Arizona’s public universities (ASU, NAU, & UofA) do not require a letter of recommendation as part of the application for admissions, you may need one for specialized programs (such as honors programs).  In addition, other colleges/universities and scholarship programs may require one.

    When you request a letter of recommendation from a counselor, teacher, employer, or community member, be sure to:

    • Make sure that the person you ask to write your recommendation knows you well.
    • Make personal contact (preferably via an appointment) with the person you intend to ask.  Asking is courteous and will ensure that the writer’s schedule will allow him/her to respond to your deadline.
    • Always give the writer at least TWO WEEKS NOTICE (preferably more).  It takes time to write a good letter and you deserve the best.
    • Give the writer a copy of your Recommendation Request form with a completed resume (on Major Clarity).  This will provide the writer with important information about you which will increase the quality of the recommendation.
    • Be sure to thank the writer!  A verbal and/or personal note reflects your manners and an understanding of the time and effort given to write your letter of recommendation.