• College and Career Plan/Checklists: 

    12th Grade (2023 Graduating Class)

    11th Grade (2024 Graduating Class)

    10th Grade (2025 Graduating Class)

    9th Grade (2026 Graduating Class)


    Graduation Requirements

    To graduate, students must successfully complete all credit, subject and testing requirements and earn a total of 22 credits (out of a possible 24)

    You can find curricular resources, articles aligned to Mastery Learning and more here: hub.aguafria.org

    Here's how to earn your credits: 

     English   4 Credits

    English I, English II, English III, English IV 

    Mathematics  4 Credits

    Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one additional math course that includes significant mathematics content)

    Science  3 Credits (Biology and two additional lab science courses)

    Social Science  3 Credits (World History, Am/AZ History, Government/Free Enterprise)

    Personal Development (P.E. & Health)  1 Credit

    International Languages  1 Credit

     Fine Arts or CTE  2 Credits

     Electives  4 Credits

    22 Total Credits