Financial Aid Options

  • College can be expensive, but it's important to know there are many different ways to afford and/or pay for your education.  Don't rule out college simply because of the cost- First, do your research in figuring out how much aid you may potentially qualify to recieve and what opportunities are availoable to you.  You may be surprised by what you actually may qualify for.  

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  • What Are the Differences Between Federal, State and Institutional Financial Aid? 

    Federal Financial Aid- The U.S. Government maintains a budget that it uses to award federal financial aid to students. Applicants in all states, therefore, have the same access to federal aid programs.  There are 3 types of federal aid available: 

    • Grants 
    • Loans
    • Work-study programs 


    U.S. Schools Offer Free College Tuition for Students: 

    "Raise your hand if you want free college tuition. Getting quality education for your kids that doesn't cost a thing is a parent's dream.  It's the easiest way to avoid heaps of debt, and the best part is that we've researched the options for you. 

    A debt-free college education is hands down the best freebie you'll ever get and the list of colleges with free tuition in the U.S. is steadily growing.  In fact, as of April 2022, some type of free college education is available in 30 states- whether it's scholarships, grants, work programs, or state-sponsored assistance.

    Just so we're clear, free doesn't mean that you're in the clear on all fees, but the big costs may be covered if you meet the criteria like income levels, residency, and promise to serve (like the military)."  

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