• A scholarship is money that does not have to be repaid.  Scholarships are available from any number of sources, including colleges and universities and private organizations.  Many scholarships are merit-based (awarded to students with certain qualities, such as proven academic or athletic ability.) 
    Here is a list of links to the Scholarships available through some local colleges. 

    GCU Scholarships

    ASU Scholarships

    NAU Scholarships

    UofA Scholarships

    West-Mec Scholarships

    EMCC Scholarships


    The NROTC is a commissioned officers training college of the US Marine Corps and the US Navy. Graduates under the US NROTC Program, rather than becoming reserve officers, become active duty officers.  Even though the NROTC program appears to be all about a career in the Navy, those who choose not to enter into a career with the Navy can also join the NROTC program.

    NROTC Scholarship Information