Student Improvement Program (SIP)

  • As a result of a quarterly review of our current Student Improvement Program the following changes are being implemented:

    1. Beginning October 30, 2019, SIP will be held on Late Start Wednesday Mornings from 7:15AM - 9:30AM. SIP will no longer be assigned after school on Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 2:45PM - 5:45PM.

    2. Due to SIP being an administrative disciplinary consequence in lieu of In-School Suspension, it cannot be reschedule. 

    3. Students who are late or chose to miss SIP will be assigned a 1 day Out of School Suspension to be served that day.

    4. Students will be required to arrange their own transportation.

    5. During SIP, students will be required to complete a reflective narrative which will be emailed to the parent.

    6. Students will be allowed to work on school work after the completion of the narrative, if they have no school work, they will be required to read and summarize an assigned article or book focused on positive behaviors/leadership.  

    Once again the objective of the Student Improvement Program (SIP) is to prevent students from missing instructional time, provide student redirection for poor decisions/choices through reflection and refinement, and motivate students to make good decisions/choices.  The adjustments to SIP will now allow students to attend 6th hour for its entirety and eliminate students waiting for their ride home or walking home in the dark during the winter months.

Saturday School

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