Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation

About the Scorpion Library

  • Staff and patrons of the Desert Edge Library should follow these expectations:

    Respect for ourselves, others, and our environment.
    Curiosity about the world around you; ask questions.
    Collaborate with others and the Library staff to utilize resources effectively.
    Communicate learning and needs.
    Open-mindedness to others' ideas and perspectives, cultures, and beliefs.

    Library Media Center Policies and Procedures

New Library Books

  • Library Books Added to Collection - This list includes library books added at the district level, as well as at each school.

    This list is ongoing; titles will be added when received and removed 60 days after placement on library shelves and digital platform (SORA). 

    Please contact the site librarian for questions or concerns regarding library content.

Follow the Scorpion Library


  • Lisa Dailey
    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3021

    Develops the Library collection.
    Manages library resources and facility.
    Assists students and staff in utilizing all the library resources

Multimedia Assistant

  • Lydia Larned
    (623) 932-7500 ext. 3020

    Provides student chromebook tech support.
    Assists in providing library services.

Care of Library Books

  • When you are checking out a library book, you take responsibility for its care. Please take the time to assess the condition of the book prior to checking out the book.

    Taking care of library books is important to ensure they remain in good condition for other students to use and to avoid any potential fines or charges.
    Here are some ways students should take care of library books:

    • Use clean hands: Always wash your hands before handling library books to prevent transferring dirt and oils to the pages.
    • Avoid food and drinks: Don't eat or drink while reading a library book to prevent spills and stains.
    • Use bookmarks: Use bookmarks to mark your place instead of folding the pages, bending the corners, or using sticky notes.
    • Keep books dry: Ensure that the book stays dry at all times. Keep it away from wet or damp places, and don't take it into the bathroom.
    • Store properly: When not reading, store the book in a safe place, away from pets and younger siblings who might damage it.
    • Handle with care: When reading, handle the book gently, and don't force it open or bend the spine excessively.
    • Report damage: If you notice any damage to the book, such as torn pages or a damaged cover, report it to the library staff as soon as possible.
    • Keep away from pets: Ensure that your pets, if you have any, cannot access library books, as they may chew or scratch them.
    • Don't lend without permission: Don't lend library books to others without checking the library's borrowing policy and ensuring you have permission to do so.
    • Respect due dates: Return the book on or before the due date to avoid late fees and allow others to borrow it.
    • Remember if the book is in your backpack: Be careful when taking items out of or placing items in your backpack to avoid damaging the library book.
    • Keep away from sticky substances: Ensure the book is kept away from any sticky substances like glue or tape that can damage pages.

    By following these guidelines, students can help ensure that library books remain in good condition and are available for others to enjoy.

Student and Staff Resources

  • Library Resources and Technology Resources for students and staff can be found in Clever  .