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fine arts

Conservatory's Mission

  • The Conservatory is a leader in the field of student-centered education dedicated to the stimulation of 
    Creativity - Performance - Presentation - Production - Response - Connectivity
    for all learners through the arts.  

    Desert Edge students who demonstrate interest, desire, and/or talent for the arts will be immersed in a community created for Desert Edge students to help reach their highest aspirations through Creating Choice, Crafting Character, and Cultivating Community.


Conservatory's Core Values

    • Create  - Students will conceive and develop new artistic ideas and work.
    • Perform  Performing arts students will realize artistic ideas and work through interpretation and presentation. 
    • Present - Visual arts students will interpret and share artistic work.
    • Produce  Media arts students will realize and present artistic ideas and work.
    • Respond Students will understand and evaluate how the arts convey meaning.
    • Connect Students will relate ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.