Advisory Program Overview

  • “An Advisor/Advisee Program is: an effective educational program designed to focus on the [college/career, personal/social, and academic] development of students; a program providing a structured time during which special activities are designed and implemented to help adolescents find ways to fulfill their identified needs; intended to provide consistent, caring, and continuous adult guidance at school through the organization of a supportive and stable peer group that meets regularly under the guidance of a teacher serving as advisor.” (Forte & Schurr, 1993, p. 117)

Program Purpose

  • The purpose of Advisory is to ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging to a familiar peer group at school and has at least one adult on campus that knows them well and helps them to navigate high school successfully and graduate ready for college, career, and life.

Role of the Advisory Teacher

  • The Advisory teacher facilitates the delivery of the Advisory Lesson Plan, which includes teaching skills related to their students’ academic, college/career, and personal/social development. The Advisory teacher also assists in creating an environment of respectful peer interaction during the advisory session and encourages students’ academic, social, and extracurricular involvement in school. The Advisory teacher helps students develop a sense of belonging to a community, personalized instruction to better meet the needs of individual students, be a point of contact for parents, and assist in monitoring students’ progress. 

Goals for Advisory: AFUHSD C.A.R.E.S.

  • Communication Advisory helps students learn how to communicate and advocate for themselves.

    Academic Advisory prepares students to be academically, socially, and emotionally successful in high school and in post-secondary endeavors.

    Relationships Advisory inspires confidence and awareness in social situations by teaching interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

    Environment Advisory focuses on the development of a shared community by promoting a sense of belonging for all students.

    Safety Advisory promotes a safe and secure learning environment.