Performing Arts

  • The Conservatory of Arts and Design features three different performance arts disciplines, dance, music, and theater.  Desert Edge performance artists develop forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience.   Student artists who choose a performing arts discipline will be immersed in relevant performing arts practices under the guidance of experienced instruction.  Throughout a Conservatory performing artists academic career students will develop their own artist voice that will be sharpened through a community audience.

Performing Art classes

  • Band (Beginning/Intermediate, Marching, Symphonic) Ensemble (Jazz, Percussion), Guitar, Winter Guard

    Choir (Beginning/Intermediate, Men's, Treble, Show, Concert)

    Dance (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Performance)

    Theater (Levels 1,2,3)

Visual Arts

  • Desert Edge High School Visual Arts is designed for students interested in learning the basic understanding of visual arts and drives students toward an advanced level for developing visual compositions. All students have the opportunity to use a variety of dry and wet art media. With hands on experience students will help develop creative problem-solving through the process of art making. All courses emphasize the use of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Composition to explore art through assorted media.  Desert Edge provides studio space for sculpture, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, and painting for student artists to develop and apply their skills.   The Visual Art Department is dedicated to providing each student with a Relevant and Rigorous experience when creating visual art. 

Visual Arts Classes

  • Fundamentals of Art (Beginner)

    Drawing and Painting (Intermediate)

    Ceramics I

    Ceramics II

    Metal Sculpting

    Advanced Placement Art Studio

National Arts Honor Society

  • Students who demonstrate a passion for art, dedication to academic performance, and wish to serve their community are invited to join National Arts Honor Society.   Desert Edge High School recognizes student achievement through its NAHS chapter.   Students who wish to join NAHS have to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, complete a semester of visual art, and complete 15 hours of community service.   The DEHSNAHS Chapter is currently partnered with the City of Goodyear Parks and Recreation Department, which has led to NAHS members curating a Children’s Art Gallery at the Goodyear Ballpark, and assisting families while creating their own artwork at “Chalk Art in the Park.”  NAHS meets twice a month to plan community events, create art, and to socialize with artists.