Arizona Major Colleges

Arizona State University

ASU Representative Contact Info

  • Our ASU Representative is Yazmin Reyes. Her email is Her phone number is (602) 543-7205. You can schedule a phone or video appointment at Reyes Calendly.

ASU Tours

  • Virtual Tours are available at this link: ASU Tours.

Other ASU links

  • Teachers College - Contact Eli Bliman; Schedule appointment by clicking Bliman Calendar

Grand Canyon University

GCU Representative Contact Info

  • Our Grand Canyon University Representative is Nichole Jacobson. Her email is Her phone number is (602) 639-7481. You can schedule a phone or video appointment with her at Jacobson Calendly

GCU Tours

Other GCU Links

  • Colangelo College of Business - contact Steve Thomas;

Northern Arizona University

NAU Representative Contact Info

  • Our Northern Arizona University Representative is Moira "Mo" Bellamy. Her email is Her phone number is (928) 523-8868.

NAU Tours

  • Virtual tours can be found at this site: NAU Tours

University of Arizona

University of Arizona Representative Contact Info

  • Our Univerity of Arizona Representative is Brandon Hardy. His email is His phone number is (602) 827-2612.

U of A Tours

Other U of A Links