Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs


  • All Students College and Career Ready.


  • The mission of the Agua Fria Union High School District is to increase academic performance for all students.

Core Beliefs

  • Academic performance drives leadership - The leadership teams at all of our schools and the District Office demand, manage and support strong academic performance.

    Academic performance drives design - Everything about a school's design, from its schedule to its curriculum to its instruction strategies, helps ALL students achieve high academic standards.

    Academic performance drives culture - To succeed academically, students need and deserve a culture that is highly disciplined, tightly structured and motivating.

    Academic performance drives decisions - Decisions at every level of a school's operation are based on careful measurement and analysis of student achievement.

    Academic accountability drives academic performance - State standards and AIMS testing combined with district benchmarking and end-of-course assessments provide essential incentives and guidance for student academic performance.