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    Posted by Brandon Gabel on 4/6/2023
    We are in the final stages of our big printer refresh project across ALL campuses. We have made several major changes to the way we do printing that will help reduce the overall amount of paper used, increase security, and increase ease of access. Attached is a document for how to connect your computer to the new print server and a video for how to use the new printers.

    Highlights are as follows:
    1. New printers that are quicker and more efficient
    2. Scan to email -OR- directly to your Google Drive
    3. Badge scan sign-in for print release
    4. Ability to use ANY Ricoh printer at ANY campus without having to add multiple printers, just print to afuhsd-print

    If the attached instructions and videos are unclear, or you need additional assistance or information, do not hesitate to reach out. 

    Please note: The new printers are still in the process of being installed across all campuses. Currently we are on schedule for ALL Ricoh printers to be upgraded and functional by the end of next week. 


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    Posted by Brandon Gabel on 1/17/2023

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