1. Online Registration Process

  • If you are a NEW parent/guardian enrolling a student NEW to our district, please click the link and follow the steps to create a ParentVUE account. Your new ParentVUE account will allow you to register your student for the 2022-23 school year. 


    If you are a parent/guardian with an existing ParentVUE account and want to enroll a student new to our district for the 2022-23 school year, please use the same link and login to your ParentVUE account.

2. Fillable Registration form

  • You can download a Registration Packet, fill it out and take it to your boundary school

    Instructions for using Fillable Registration Form

    1. Download the Fillable Registration Form
    2. Complete the form
    3. Select File > Save As > Rename with student's first and last name
    4. Take it to your boundary school


  • My child attended the Litchfield/Avondale school district? Do I need to submit immunization records?
    Yes. We are not a unified school district so all documents need to be submitted.

    I already have a ParenVue account set up with my child’s elementary school. Do I need to create another account? 
    Yes. We are not a unified school district and you need to create a new ParentVue account.

    I am a guardian to a student I am enrolling. What documentation do I need to provide?
    Legal guardianship paperwork needs to be submitted. Power of Attorney is accepted if a hardship exists and the Power of Attorney is renewed every 6 months. Hardships are reviewed on an individual basis. This document is the preferred temporary Power of Attorney.