Superintendent Mark Yslas Reflects on District Successes and Sets Plans for the Future

  • (AVONDALE, Ariz. – Oct. 6, 2022) Superintendent Mark Yslas continues transforming the Agua Fria Union High School District while preparing it for the future. At the recent State of the District Address, he shared the accomplishments and future goals of the District with leaders from the cities of Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, and Lichfield Park and community stakeholders including businesses, retirees, parents, and the faith-based community. The event took place at the Agua Fria High School District, sponsored by the Friends of Agua Fria Foundation. During the address it was noted that the Governing Board holds the staff accountable to exceeding the high standards on academics, community embeddedness, safety, and transparency.

    “The Governing Board expects us to become an A-rated district and has set very high expectations and standards for the future,” Superintendent Yslas stated. “The Executive Team will help me lead the District into a bright future. We are constantly challenging ourselves to be better and more innovative.”

    Excellent leadership throughout the District has allowed it to plan for the future on solid ground. Over the last year, the District gathered more than 300 community members to develop a strategic plan to shape the future of the Agua Fria Union High School District over the next 10 years. The “Decade of Dreams” is an all-encompassing plan that ensures that the District grows with the community, which is essential to Superintendent Yslas.

    With this plan, the District will offer students world-class academic opportunities and career development, provide resources to improve students' well-being, and ensure District resources are prioritized for things that matter to the community. The plan establishes five key tenants: Community Outreach, Career Opportunities, Academic Success, Wellness and Connectedness, and Resource Stewardship. The plan addresses these tenants by including goals such as adding a new high school and increasing students' options in electives to prepare students for employment opportunities in the Southwest Valley.

    Superintendent Yslas is hopeful. “Agua Fria Union High School District is going to be a first-rate school district that earns the trust of its community members because it is accountable and transparent,” Superintendent Yslas said. He also promised, “We will bring everyone back in the spring to update them on the District's progress and provide updates to the Strategic Plan.” Following the State of the District, community members commented that they feel confident and hopeful for the future because of the plan and District leadership. To check on the District’s progress in reaching the community goals in real time, visit