Welcome to the Exceptional Student Services Page!

  • The Agua Fria Union High School District Exceptional Student Services Department's goal is to provide an appropriate and meaningful education for all of our students with special needs and to support parents, teachers and schools in this endeavor.  Student success is our success.


    • All students are to be supported in the least restrictive environment.

    • All students have the right to access general education opportunities.

    • All students are part of the school community.  Participation and progress in a curriculum aligned to state standards is facilitated through instructional best practices and IEP guidelines. 

    • All students learn and grow in an inclusive environment.


    Eligibility Information:

    If your child has a learning, communication, physical, mental, or emotional disability, please confer with the local school principal or the district Exceptional Student Services Department to determine the best placement for your child.


Exceptional Student Services (Special Education) Records

  • For Exceptional Student Services (Special Education) Records send via:

    Fax - (623) 932-6026

    Email - tperez@aguafria.org

    OR via e-IEP Pro

Exceptional Student Services Staff

  • Patrick Becker
    ESS Director/504 Coordinator
    (623) 932-7150

    Heather Weiler
    Administrative Assistant
    (623) 932-7152

    Tabitha Perez
    Medicaid Specialist
    (623) 932-7017

    Lisa Baldinelli
    Speech Pathologist

    Katie Howard
    Speech Pathologist

    Donna Krejci
    Occupational Therapist

    Jennifer Silver
    Physical Therapist