Trip Reduction


  • Carpooling means sharing the ride with one or more passengers of driving age.  Carpoolers make a smaller footprint on the environment, reduce stress levels and are eligible for additional benefits.  Student carpoolers can register at their school for end of semester drawings.  Employees can register at both the Agua Fria District office and Valley Metro contests and drawings. is Valley Metro’s secure and free online ride-matching service to help you find a carpool partner.  It takes just a few minutes to register, and can change your commute habits forever.

Daily Commutes

  • Each day, 65 -70 million vehicle miles are driven in Maricopa County.  By 2015, we are expected to drive 100 million miles every day.  This contributes to the air pollution and congestion problems we face as a community and a nation.  Do you know what your alternative commuting options are?  Go to: for bus and light rail schedules, finding a carpool partner or learn if a vanpool would be cost effective alternative.  Enter the many contests and activities for alternative mode uses.

Trip Reduction Coordinator

  • Nohemi Yon
    (623) 932-7000