• Transportation Policies

    The following information can be found in the Student Handbook, Rights & Responsibilies

    School Buses
    The District's first priority is to assure the safety of all students who are provided district transportation. In accordance with Arizona statutes bus transportation may be provided for students who live more than one and a half miles from their attending school within their boundaries.Student transportation is a privilege extended to students in the district boundaries and is not a statutory requirement, except for transportation of students with disabilities as indicated in their respective individual education plan

    Guidelines for Open Enrollment/Variance Students Who Attend Schools Outside of Their Attendance Boundaries
    Transportation is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. Bus routes are compiled with consideration for efficiency, safety, and the number of assigned students. At the start of the school year, student counts are taken on each bus and adjustments are made, as needed. After the first two weeks of school, requests received from parents of Open Enrollment/Variance students will be reviewed to determine of there is space available on the bus that services the nearest existing stop. If there is space available, the route coordinator will authorize the school to issue the student a temporary bus pass. A bus number will not be added to the student's ID card. If the bus becomes overloaded with students that live in the attendance boundary, the Open Enrollment/Variance students will be given a one week notice notifying them that their pass will no longer be approved for them to ride the bus.

    Responsibility of the School Bus Driver
    In accordance to Article V1-8, Arizona Revised Statutes:"The driver of any school bus shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct and safety of the pupils transported."A bus driver has the same authority as a teacher in the classroom.All adult passengers, such as activity sponsors, teachers, etc. will assume supervision of the students but are also under the authority of the school bus driver.Safety is not just a driver concern, but is a shared responsibility throughout our district.

    Bus Routes 
    In compiling the bus stops, routes and schedules, consideration was made for  efficiency and safety. Students are required to be at their designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time.Bus schedules are available at each campus via their web query. At the start of school and occasionally throughout the school year, adjustments for overloads may have to be made which can affect your student's pick up and drop off times. Should a revision be required in bus schedules during the school year, a memo with the revised schedules will be sent home with the students prior to the effective date.

    Bus Pass
    Student ID's are required and must be shown upon boarding the bus in the afternoon. Prior to arriving at the school in the AM, the student will be reminded that they need their ID to ride home in the PM, otherwise they will be refused a ride home and directed back to the school office. If the student does not have his or her student ID a replacement ID must be obtained from the bookstore prior to the end of school day. Bus passes will no longer be issued in lieu of a student ID. Do not wait until the end of the day.Students are only authorized to exit the bus at their assigned stop. A student who intentionally exits at the wrong stop for any reason without permission will receive a referral.

    Tutor Bus
    Tutor Buses will be available after school for students needing tutoring. The bus is not intended for athletics, detention or students who missed their regular bus.Each student must have a bus pass signed by the teacher who was tutoring them, along with their student ID.The bus route will be a limited number of bus stops accommodating each school's attendance boundary.

    Bus Evacuation Drills
    All students are required to participate in two bus evacuation drills per school year.Bus evacuation drills will be conducted by the school bus driver under the supervision of school personnel.

    Bus Rules
    The bus is an extension of the school setting with all rules of behavior continuing in effect.Disorderly conduct or refusing to respect the authority of the school bus driver shall be sufficient reason for the pupil to be denied transportation.The school bus driver may assign seats.All students who will ride the bus should become familiar with the bus rules for their safety as well as others.The bus rules are posted in all school buses and must be followed at all times.Bus drivers will make every attempt to ensure that students are familiar with the bus rules.