Agua Fria Union High School District Bus Rules

  • Violation of the bus rules will result in a behavioral referral to the Principal and could lead to suspension of bus privileges.

    1. Student ID is required for passengers boarding the bus, access will be denied to students without valid ID. NO ID, NO RIDE

    2. Respect the driver, other passengers, and their property.

    3. Follow directions immediately when asked, seats may be assigned.

    4. Talk quietly and keep hands to yourself; no fighting.

    5. Be courteous, no profanity, vulgar language or obscene gestures.

    6. No eating, chewing gum or drinking (except water).

    7. Remain in your seat and face the front of the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop.

    8. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus.

    9. No littering or destruction of the bus.

    10. Instruments or equipment shall be under the passenger's control at all times or secured in the school bus.

    State law forbids the following items on a school bus:
    Glass, Insects, Animals, Tobacco, Drugs, Weapons, and Dangerous Items