CTE Internships

  • CTE Internship offers an opportunity for students to pursue a career path, to gain first-hand work experience and to determine a career interest before graduation. Interns work in a mentored, paid or non-paid position, throughout the school year while earning school credit. 

CTE and Professional Internships

  • CTE Internship

    A CTE Program Completer - A student that has completed all levels of a CTE Pathway that is seeking to apply field knowledge and skills. For example, a student in Sports Medicine that has taken Sports Medicine I & II would be considered a CTE Intern. This student is seeking to apply their CTE Pathway knowledge and will complete his/her internship hours in a nearby physical therapy facility.

    Professional Internship

    A Professional Intern is a student that has not completed a CTE course sequence. This student currently has a paid job and is seeking school credit for their job placement.

    Both interns are required to comply with course requirements in order to obtain school credit.


Program Requirements for Students

    1. Must be an upcoming senior, with a 2.8+ GPA.
    2. Complete the Internship Application & 2 letters of recommendation
      1. CTE Teacher Letter of Recommendation 
      2. Faculty Letter of Recommendation
    3. Attend all in-person class times. Refer to Appendix D for in-person dates.
    4. Complete all coursework assessments - reflective journals, timesheets, mentor evaluations, portfolio, and presentation.
    5. Agree to work 130 hours or more throughout the school year (65 per semester).
    6. Students are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the internship site.

Partners with Pathways

Important Documents