What Are the Academies of the Southwest Valley?

  • The Academies offer pathways for students to explore high-wage, in-demand careers and understand the education, training and credentials needed to meet their career goals. By aligning core classes like Algebra, English, Arts, and US History, with workforce-focused experiences, students can apply classroom lessons with the business community. Students will have the opportunity to:

    • Earn industry-recognized credentials and college credits
    • Complete a capstone project and participate in an internship opportunity to compile a portfolio that showcases their talents 
    • Learn essential skills, including communication, collaboration, integrity, responsibility, and critical thinking

Why Academies?

  • As part of the District's 10-year strategic plan, the community created a roadmap to shape the future of the Agua Fria High School District. Two specific goals within the plan ensure the District is committed to providing a robust, tailored academic experience to prepare students for their chosen future, whether it’s college, trade school, starting a business, working for a company, joining the military, or serving others.

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Goal 2B: Strengthen employability standards in all courses to build student workforce skills

    Goal 2C: Establish a career academy or career pathway model Districtwide 

    Through our workforce initiative, The Academies of the Southwest Valley, we are being responsive to the strategic plan goals and connecting students with the business community to prepare them for success after high school graduation.

Academies Overview

  • Year 1: Freshman Experience

    Year 2: Level One (stay tuned for more details)

    Year 3: Level Two (stay tuned for more details)

    Year 4: Senior Culmination (stay tuned for more details)

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How is this different?

As a District, we have established meaningful partnerships and collaboration with local businesses and colleges to ensure The Academies are relevant to meet the workforce needs of the Southwest Valley. Our committed Academies partners share responsibility for educating and preparing our students including providing internships, mentoring, guest speakers, job shadowing, workplace tours, etc.

When do Academies begin?

Starting in Fall 2024, the learning model at Agua Fria, Canyon View, Desert Edge, Millennium and Verrado high schools will become an academy model. The Freshman class of 2028 will participate in The Academies throughout all four years of high school with curated professional development and academic goals each year to prepare them for college or career. Goodyear High School will join The Academies of the Southwest Valley when it opens in the fall of 2025.

  • Note: Students graduating in 2025, 2026, and 2027 are not eligible for The Academies but will continue to receive support from teachers and counselors under the existing academic model.


Committed Partners