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    It is imperative that the District prepares all students for postsecondary success through exposure to workforce-focused experiences and authentic opportunities to learn essential employability skills. There are components of excellence among our high schools and Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs, but the systemic infrastructure does not exist consistently across the District to give all students rich opportunities to apply their learning within the community. This gap results in a misaligned and disjointed pipeline for the West Valley’s workforce development. Our goal is to establish career academies/pathways, increase internship opportunities, flexible school scheduling options, transportation, and co-curricular academics.


  • 2C CAREER ACADEMIES Establish a career academy or career pathway model Districtwide.
  • 2B EMPLOYABILITY Strengthen employability standards in all courses to build student workforce skills.
  • 2A CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION Ensure all students have access to Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses throughout the District.
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