• Academic Success: Tenet Details & Progress Tracker

    Academic success is achieved when we foster a culture which supports the highest level of individual success and the pursuit of continuous improvement to our Arizona Accountability System School Letter Grades. This includes access to quality instruction at the course level and key professional life skills necessary for postsecondary success, including the workplace as well as the collegiate level. Students and teachers will engage in lessons that are rooted in academic and career skills while structurally providing reteaching, intervention, multiple opportunities for demonstration of mastery, self-reflection, and clear communication of student progress between key stakeholders: students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators. 


  • 3A Student Voice Increase student leadership, voice and impact in the District's direction.
  • 3B Portrait of a Graduate Incorporate the Portrait of a Graduate (Critical Thinking, Integrity, Communication, Collaboration, and Responsibility) into all elements of the District's academic culture.
  • 3C Curriculum Develop and Implement a cycle of continuous assessment and improvement for District Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum (GVC).
  • 3D Professional Standards Develop and implement learning and individualized feedback regarding professional skills.
  • 3E Alternative Scheduling Develop creative scheduling options to increase student access, including school opportunities outside of the traditional school day.
  • 3F Intervention & Enrichment Provide students creative opportunities for reteach and enrichment regarding academic achievement and behavior.


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