Collaboration with the community is vital to our success. I am truly grateful that so many people were willing to invest their time, experience, and energy into making our District the very best. Not only did hundreds of stakeholders share their input, but 19 incredible faculty members volunteered to be my Actioneers, and spent countless hours clearly defining our Decade of Dreams. I could not have asked for a better team to help create this strategic plan. Between stakeholders and Actioneers, it truly was a Dream Team. Together we will continue to #MakeItHappen.

    -Rachel Gross, Chief of Staff


  • Autumn Daniels - Principal, AFHS

    Becky Breitwieser - Teacher on Special Assignment

    Cassie Hardge - Assistant Principal, CVHS

    Cyndi Messieha - Assistant Principal, DEHS

    Delsey Olds - Instructional Coach, VHS

    Joe Werner - Curriculum Specialist

    Julie Jones - Assistant Superintendent of HR

    Kristen Tiffany - Assistant Principal, AFHS

    LaToya DeJesus - Assistant Principal, MHS

    Lauren Owens - Director of Innovative Solutions

  • Luke Allpress - Tech Integration Specialist

    Megan Griego - Ex. Director of Communications & Strategic Alliances

    Micaella Butterfield - Curriculum Specialist

    Nate Showman - Principal, VHS

    Nichole Bundy - Principal, MHS

    Phillip Nowlin - Deputy Superintendent of Academics

    Rachel Gross - Chief of Staff

    Sean Smith - Data Scientist

    Tamee Gressett - Executive Director of Student Services

    Tom Huffman - Deputy Superintendent of Operations