Strategic Plan Journey

  • This strategic plan serves as a roadmap to achieve excellence and shape the future of the Agua Fria Union High School District over the next 10 years. This plan was created from sound research and represents the shared values and priorities of the District's many stakeholders. The journey to gather this feedback started in 2021, and included extensive community outreach and participation in multiple planning workshops, listening tours and surveys. The plan not only outlines action steps needed to achieve current goals, but also establishes the framework for a culture of continuous improvement. Because education is dynamic and constantly evolving, the strategic plan will be reviewed on an annual basis. Action steps will be added or realigned regularly to ensure initiatives are meeting the ever-changing needs of our students and our community.

    The needs of our students and community will always be at the forefront of our planning and decision-making. When the community was asked to share its dream for the District, five priority areas were identified: Community Outreach, Career Opportunities, Academic Success, Wellness & Connectedness, and Resources Stewardship. Through this strategic plan, these foundational tenets will ensure our community's dreams become reality.

    This 10-year plan is truly a Decade of Dreams; our stakeholders' dreams of a district that sets the standard of greatness and maximizes the potential of every student.

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Stakeholder Priorities

  • More than 300 stakeholders, consisting of faculty, students, parents, retirees, members of feeder districts, faith-based organizations, businesses, and government entities, attended our initial strategic planning workshop. They were given the opportunity to share any dreams they had for our District. For people unable to attend the event, we solicited feedback on our website, social media, and email, so they, too, could provide their input. We received more than 1,100 comments, with the majority prioritizing community, careers, academics, wellness, and resources. These five areas became the foundational tenets of this strategic plan.

  • Super Saturday - September 2023 Strategic planning workshop to gather community input on District goals and needs.
  • Super Saturday - November 2021 Strategic planning workshop to gather community input on District goals and needs.
  • Terrific Tuesday - May 2022 Workshop to gather community input on strategic plan draft and new Vision statement.