• The Agua Fria High Union School District belongs to the people in the communities it serves. Our District’s boundaries lie within four fast-growing cities: Avondale, Buckeye, Goodyear, and Litchfield Park. The residential, business, and industry growth in this region make our community a vibrant place to be. We are honored to serve the people of the West Valley. 

    Thanks to the hard work and input from more than 300 community partners, I am excited to share the framework for our Decade of Dreams. Based on the feedback from our strategic partners, this 10-year strategic plan is built around three important pillars: Choice, Character, and Community. Our path for educational success is clearly defined. Our Imagineers have articulated their dreams. Our Actioneers have created action steps with measurable benchmarks. Now, our Engineers will get to work to constantly calibrate and modify this working document so it continues to serve as our guide for our ever-changing world. 

    This strategic plan reaffirms our commitment to working with our parents to develop strong character traits in our teenagers. This plan underscores how critical it is to forge positive relationships with our stakeholders throughout our District and beyond. And most importantly, through academic choice, that we are poised to become the best high school district in the nation! 

    Our journey has already started and this plan is in motion. Our success will be determined by how well we work together as a community to achieve our Decade of Dreams. To do that, we need forward-thinking partners who share our vision and will collaborate with us.

    So, let’s create it together—right here, right now. I'm all in. Are you?